Friday, January 13, 2006

Apple is getting sloppy.

Apple's OSX interface dropping the ball? ...

"Graphic designers and web developers have always had a place in their heart for Apple computers. In general, they’ve always been prettier to use. But since OSX has come along, something at Apple seems to be amiss. Somewhere in the bowels of the corporate beast, they’ve become quite sloppy with their presentation layer. Apple, once known as the epitome of human interface standards adherence has slowly become a random mis-mash of interface ideas and implementations.

For starters, it’s next to impossible to identify Apple’s standard interface anymore. This is perhaps the most common gripe expressed on Daring Fireball. To be fair, OSX has been very much a work in progress, and a lot of interesting desktop UI things have come out of it, but we’re getting a tad tired of them redecorating in a seemingly randomly fashion from application to application.

Then there’s the ease of use (or namely, increasingly lack thereof) of their applications. I love iTunes, but there are so many illogical UI issues with it. I can’t browse more than one page at a time. I have to jump through hoops to add podcasts one at a time. I tried playing with Garage Band the other night and it appears that the days of being able to open a Mac app and intuitively get the hang of it in 5 minutes are slowly fading away."   continued ...   (Via MNteractive)

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