Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Digital Revolution is about usability

The need for better UI's in the digital world ...

"Very regularily I find myself talking on the phone to friends and family trying to explain how to successfully complete a task using any of our favorite toys: PCs, VCRs, DVRs, mobile phones, PDAs, WLAN routers, DSL modems, etc. Just recently while attending DLD06 in Munich I was dining with friends when I got a call from my mother who needed to burn a CD. Or today my sister called because she needed to format a Word document in a certain way. It's not that I mind helping. But I am still waiting for my first phone support incident involving a fridge, or a microwave, a washing machine, or a cordless phone. Somehow those things just work. Plug and play. No questions asked.

So why then is burning files onto a CD-ROM so much more complicated than cooking vegetables in a microwave ofen? All I need to know when driving a car from A to B is what type of gasoline it needs. (Well, at least that's true as long as the car doesn't come with iDrive.) Why do I need to learn about ports, port forwarding, NAT, DMZ, UPnP and DHCP when all I want is using Wi-Fi at home? I want my parents to be able to simply "burn this file or directory onto a CD-ROM", no questions asked. (Because they really don't care about burn speeds, multisession, or ISO images. And, no, they don't need little animated helper icons either.)"   continued ...   (Via


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