Sunday, January 22, 2006

Five Experience Fundamentals

Key ways to invest in your user experience...

"Let's face it - we're all sweating a little: Product and service commoditization are forcing strong price competition - squeezing margins and motivating us to tighten our belts. In the midst of "the squeeze", it's harder than ever before to deliver increased value to customers and build differentiating customer experiences. We often have fewer resources to draw upon, and we want to be wise about how we invest them.

Even so, in times like this, most successful business leaders understand the importance of investing back into the business. The most successful customer experience leaders follow this principle, as well: investing in ways to iteratively innovate and improve customer experience across online and offline channels.

It's easy to forget, in a world of incredible possibility and infinite creativity, the power of simplicity and the importance of a solid customer experience foundation. This is especially true related to online user experience, where the dust around Web 2.0 hasn't quite settled. As we look forward in anticipation of what's to come, it's important not to lose sight of managing the founding elements of customer experience.

To do this, user experience practitioners should follow the lead of the successful leaders in customer experience. These leaders never favor "flash over substance" approaches to experience innovation. Instead, Experience Leaders understand the critical need to deliver innovation from a foundation of "experience fundamentals," which can be applied in a channel-agnostic fashion to any experience."   continued ...   (Via gotomedia)

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