Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mashups for the Masses: When Mom Meets Gadget

Discussion on the conflicts of simplicity and convenience...

"Everywhere I look recently, I see possibilities for personalizing or customizing products and services. I’m not talking about choosing a nice skin for your media player or downloading ringtones for your Razr. I’m talking about a quantum leap that’s occurring as consumers morph into creators. But as our creative will to shape the world around us grows stronger with each new device we use, will the technology encourage or hinder our efforts?

We’re no longer content to passively use products and systems as they were designed for us; there’s now an inherent belief that we can and should have exactly what we want, when we want it, our way. We don’t watch live TV anymore, we TiVo our shows and watch them at our leisure, minus the annoying commercials. We don’t listen to the radio, we create our own stations on Pandora that only play music perfectly attuned to our specific tastes. We read ReadyMade magazine to learn how to MacGyver a solar tower in our backyard. And there’s a lifehack for just about every activity you can think of, from using your cell phone as a check register to getting down to one remote control."   continued ...   (Via Gizmodo)

Do we have too much control over information tailoring? - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Do we have too much control over information tailoring?


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