Thursday, January 19, 2006

Visual Strategy

Research on the differences in how users track elements visually...

"Have you ever wondered whether the way we move our eyes and head when looking at our environment is the same for everybody or everyone has his/her own way to see, his/her own visual strategy?

This was the question that the R&D dept. of the lens division of Industrias de Optica S.A. (INDO), a Spanish company devoted to ophthalmic optics that actively does research on Progressive Addition Lenses* (PALs), when they began to perform eye and head tracking tests trying to find mobility patterns in the coordination of eye and head of PAL users. The goal was to find clues that led to the personalisation of PALs.

The users performed visual tasks with targets placed at different distances, from infinity up to reading distance. A Polhemus Fastrak electromagnetic system registered the head and chest while an ASL 504 infrared camera followed the line of sight of their eyes. From the analysis of the data consisting of coordinates and rotation angles of head and eyes that the system produces you can derive a lot of information, such as velocities, accelerations fixation points and many others."   continued ...   (Via InfoVis)

Visual mapping - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Visual map


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