Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Design Vision: Part 1

Two good discussions abut design vision ...

"Part one of Design Vision: a conversation about the role of design-driven leadership in the product development process.

Dirk Knemeyer - Great design requires a strong vision. Contrary to currently-accepted dogma, great design is often driven by one key individual who has the skill and experience to distill very complicated problems and contexts into elegant solutions that speak directly to the very essence of the challenge they are faced with...

Luke Wroblewski - Of all the disciplines involved in bringing a product to life, design is what speaks to consumers. Engineering is the construction of function: enabling products to work. Marketing is the understanding of context: who is this for and what are we telling them. Design is communication: the interfaces, posters, packaging, and ads that speak to potential customers."   continued ...   (Via Functioning Form)


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