Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Design Vision: Part 2

A continuation of yesterdays discussion ...

Part two of Design Vision: a conversation about the role of design-driven leadership in the product development process (be sure to check out part one first).

Jim Leftwich - To me, design vision is a matter of, and directly correlated to, integration. By that I mean the integration of elegantly refined, interconnected, and equally successful solutions across the entire spectrum of problems and needs within a product or system.

...Bob Baxley - I want to go back to the original question for a minute because we need to have some common notion of what Design actually is before we can start talking about “Design Vision”. Now of course I realize that this is inviting a big giant hairball but let me offer up a definition and see if it doesn’t meet with some level of general agreement."   continued ...   (Via Functioning Form)


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