Thursday, February 09, 2006

Design Vision: Part 3

Two more great interviews in the series ...

"Part three of Design Vision: a conversation about the role of design-driven leadership in the product development process (be sure to check out part two first).

Luke Wroblewski - Though I largely agree with Bob’s definition of design as a disciplined form of problem solving, I think it’s valuable to characterize design vision differently.

In most product development teams, no one is fully defining (much less solving) the problem across the multitude of considerations that make up today’s products: marketing, economics, engineering, packaging, etc. The complexity inherent in each discipline makes it next to impossible for any one person to have a complete depth of understanding for each consideration.

Dirk Knemeyer - I’m with you on this, Luke: the role of design visionary is essential, and markedly different from that of just design. You captured many of the generalist components of that very successfully. But I’m going to take the definition design visionary definition a little farther: I think that this person can actually come from one of three basic places (as opposed to only coming out of design or from the design organization):"   continued ...   (Via Functioning Form)


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