Monday, February 13, 2006

Design Vision: Parts 5-8

A continuation of the Design Vision interviews ...

If you haven't read the first four parts yet, head over to Functioning Form and get up-to-date. Also, check out my intro to the series here. This week, the group explores the question, "What about an organization makes it ready for design vision?"

Dirk Knemeyer - In business, great design begins at the top. It requires an executive-level acknowledgement and understanding of the power and value of design, and experience in creating an environment conducive to design success. Only then can a strong design vision be realized.

Luke Wroblewski - As a designer that’s gone from pushing pixels for product managers to sitting at the corporate strategy table, I feel I’m obligated to present a less rosy vision of the process by which design vision is embraced by a company. Top-level decision makers will latch onto whatever “competitive advantage” or “innovation strategy” is the flavor of the month. They may pay lip service to strategic design without really knowing what it can do for them. They won’t know it until they see design vision in action. As a result, the impetus is on the designer(s) to push strategic value to the top of the organization."   continued ...   (Via


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