Monday, February 13, 2006

The Digital Consumer's Next Big Thing

Some thoughts on future interfaces...

"User interfaces as big things in automated technologies have been with us since the teletype replaced the telegraph. I believe that the GUI (the user interface's "Last Big Thing") gained acceptance with consumers before it was generally adopted by business, and I think that is notable because it seems to indicate that the consumer, not business, has been driving the evolution of human computer interaction since the introduction of the personal computer. This is particularly evident when you examine game technology.

When I reflect on the user interface breakthroughs of the past, it is clear to me that we are overdue for the next real advance in user interfaces. With this in mind, a significant breakthrough in user interfaces could be The Next “Really” Big Thing. As to the question of whether it will it be a consumer movement or a business movement, I think that recent history would favor the consumer."   continued ...   (Via EDS' Next Big Thing)


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