Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Expert Mode Misadventure

Getting rid of Expert Mode in Office 12 ...

"It may seem based on my writing that the ideas behind the Office 12 user interface kind of popped out of the sky and or that we went with the first things that came to mind.

...Sometimes, especially in the early stages, we bet on the wrong idea. Hopefully we catch many of them through the testing of early prototypes, but occasionally it's not until something is in the build and we use it for a while do we realize that it's totally wrong. It's our job to find and fix those mistakes.

One of the mistakes in Beta 1 of Office 12 is something called "Expert Mode." I haven't written about Expert Mode yet because I've known we were going to change the design for some time and I wanted to wait until we had settled on the replacement design so that I could relate the entire story. I know there are those on the team cringing right now even seeing the words "Expert Mode" on the screen."   continued ...   (Via Jensen Harris)


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