Monday, February 20, 2006

Improving Customer Experience: Usability Testing Is Not Enough

Usability testing is one thing; customer experience another ...

"With the right data in hand, both marketers and designers can do their jobs better and work together more effectively to design products and services their customers value and ensure satisfaction with the customer experience. Integrated customer experience research methods are a critical tool every business needs to win high-value customers and keep them coming back.

...User Interface designers are often buried in technical departments and have backgrounds in software development and graphic design. Unlike their marketing counterparts, they are not trained in product, pricing, placement and promotion. They often report directly to a product manager and are left out of strategic discussions altogether.

In many cases, the evaluation that sites receive is limited to functional issues. Although Interface Engineers sometimes conduct usability testing, the designers' main focus is on whether users can achieve goals with ease. Thus, the metrics that usability evaluators tend to focus on have to do with the mechanical aspects of the site design."   continued ...   (Via E-Commerce Times)


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