Thursday, February 09, 2006

The mobile designer

Difference when designing for mobile devices ...

"Mobile designers are the bridge between the end user and the engineering community. Unlike the web or mainstream design world, mobile designers cannot be simply visually or brand-oriented. It is mandatory to keep up to date on the latest technologies and handsets, maintain client and company education, and articulate the importance of authoring for one platform or another. Mobile designers need to be highly conceptual, understand the importance of brand, and yet maintain a close eye on the usability and end users’ specific needs.

Although tools and standards information are available to the design and development community at large, it is important for individual designers to keep up with the latest updates through developer lists and proactive education. Much like those developers who mastered the quest for web standards, there are communities of mobile developers who have worked out the various tweaks and solutions to cross-platform authoring issues. Keeping up with published standards available through various developer sites and the W3C are a solid start, but even these sites are not as up to date as lists and forums."   continued ...   (Via gotomobile)


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