Friday, February 03, 2006

The Scott Adams Meltdown: Anatomy of a Disaster

A great breakdown of many factors to take into account when designing the user experience...

"Scott Adams, father of the Dilbert comic strip, recently had the misfortune to spend a number of hours editing comments for his blog only to have them disappear without a trace, much to his surprise, shortly after he published them. Veky wants to know who was at fault. His question implies that it just might have been Scott himself.

Dear Tog:
Scott Adams moderated 500 comments to his blog and then deleted them permanently despite prominent warnings about permanent deletion. Whose fault was it?


Not Scott
A chain of five errors led to Scott Adams losing his work. Not one of those errors was his. They had been made months and even years before Scott Adams ever started work on his blog. His was an accident waiting to happen, an accident that has almost certainly befallen a large number of other individuals who have had the misfortune to use the same software."   continued ...   (Via Ask Tog)


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