Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Seven Accessibility Mistakes

Considerations for accessibility...

"There are several reasons inaccessible Web products get published. One we discussed in my last article is that some clients just don’t care about accessibility. Their reasons make a lot of sense if you put yourself in their shoes. Another reason is developer mistakes. Making mistakes is natural, and suffering the consequences and learning from them is what makes us better developers and better people.

Here are some of the major mistakes I encountered during my years as a professional Web developer. If we keep an eye open for them in the future, we are a lot more likely to create accessible, beautiful Web products without much hassle—and make both clients and visitors happy.

I’ve offered tips on how to avoid these mistakes at the end of each description. Following them may not be possible within the limits of your budget, or they may require a more mature relationship with your clients, but it cannot harm keeping them in mind. No step toward designing for the end user with the client’s ideas in the back of your mind is a waste of effort."   continued ...   (Via Digital Web)


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