Monday, February 13, 2006

Stop being crazy: make proper use of colors

Using color in misleading ways ...

"Imagine if this article was written in red. You would hate it. In fact, you’d be so pissed off about it that you’d stop reading. Red means danger, in traffic lights and brake lights. Animals use red to issue warnings and announce their mating season. Red is used to provoke erotic feelings. Red is the color of your blood. Most of all, red means STOP or ERROR.

So, it is a shock to me when companies use red in their websites when displaying success messages (see Technorati screenshots) or in search boxes (see YouTube screenshots). Technorati should be using green, if any color, to show when I’ve just made something right (or when they have, rather), and why should YouTube be coloring my search term in red? Is that supposed to mean I won’t get any results?"   continued ...   (Via WeBreakStuff)

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