Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Top 8 Website Mistakes

A good list of mistakes / solutions ...

"Far too often people's primary focus is on what their websites look like and not enough on what their websites will do for them. This is like buying a car based on its colour and rims and forgetting about engine reliability and fuel efficiency...

Mistake #1: Allowing your site to be a secondary concern. Site neglect is rampant in the Caribbean. Solution: Make your website a top priority in your daily operations. Don't fall into the "brochure-syndrome" where you set up a website with a designer; it looks great, but then it is not updated and you forget about it for a year. This is a guaranteed way to make yourself irrelevant in the online marketplace.

Mistake #2: Allowing stale or (worse) outdated information to remain on the site. Solution: If your products, services, prices, location, hours, contact information, marketing messages — or anything else — have changed, make the updates immediately. Customers will notice, and your credibility will suffer if they do."   continued ...   (Via Breaking News)


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