Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Truth about Download Time

More from UIE on the differences between observing and listening when collecting data...

"As we study how people interact with web sites, we keep having to remind ourselves one important thing: we need to be very careful when we listen to our users. I don’t mean that we have to listen to them carefully. Instead, I mean we have to interpret what they are saying with caution and care.

When users say what they like or don’t like about a design, they mean well. I think they really intend to help us understand how to make things better.

Unfortunately, they are the wrong people to help us. Study after study shows us that users can’t attend to the details necessary to arrive at the right solution. Instead, they’ll often suggest changes that, when executed, fail to make any improvements at all and, all too often, make the experience worse.

In today’s UIEtips, we’ve dug into the archive and brought you an article to help us remember to be careful in our interpretations. In The Truth about Download Time, originally written in 2001 by Christine Perfetti and Lori Landesman, we revisit our discovery that just because users believe a site to be slow doesn’t mean speeding it up will make them happy."   continued ...   (Via UIE)


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