Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Usability & accessibility market worth £115m in 2005

An expanding Usability market in the UK ...

"The combined UK Usability and Accessibility markets grew 28% in 2005 from £90m to £115m, according to E-consultancy’s 2006 Usability & Accessibility Buyer’s Guide published this week.

The fast growth of these markets reflects the buoyancy of the internet sector and, more specifically, an increased understanding of the commercial benefits of best practice and user-centric business models.

E-consultancy predicts that the combined usability and accessibility markets will grow by a further 25% in 2006, resulting in a market value of £144m by the end of the year. E-consultancy’s valuation is based on money spent on usability and accessibility resources both client-side (internally) and through agencies.

“These markets are growing very quickly because more and more companies are realising that an optimal online experience is directly linked to commercial success,” said E-consultancy analyst Linus Gregoriadis."   continued ...   (Via Usability News)


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