Monday, February 13, 2006

Usability Sins 2.0

Sometimes the technologies of today fail to learn the lessons of the past..

"Many 2.0-ish websites manage to put up major usability barriers, like hiding their content. Here are some examples:

When you log-in to Flickr, and you then enter the next day to search for something, there’s no search box. Where’s the panic button? I want a search box! The easiest way to get back the box onto is to sign-out, and shrug your shoulders.
When you go to podcast directory Odeo, and you click on “Discover New Audio”, you’ll end up on a static help page without functionality. Yowza! A pink elephant lured me away. This reminds us of the importance of checking our sites with an “innocent” fresh mindset. What does the user know? What doesn’t she know? What does he want?"   continued ...   (Via Google Blogoscoped)


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