Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why AJAX & Web 2.0 now

The benefits of Web 2.0 ...

"Here are a few reasons why I feel AJAX is such a timely event and why it matters?

- No more Netscape 4.x - Now that the browsers are closer to on par with each other and older browsers are less of a concern. Without having to worry so much about degrading gracefully, programmers and designers have been able to think about more creatively what to do with the current level of browser capabilities.

- Flash - Flash as a technology has been doing for years x-browser what AJAX is doing now. Designers have been able to think about what to do in this medium for a few years, but with little traction due to developer’s resistance to the technology. So as soon as the browser technology fell down, the designers were ready to go. This is sad news for Flash, however."   continued ...   (Via Engage!)


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