Sunday, March 12, 2006

Beauty and the Geek

What the designer of the new office 2007 skins says...

"Coming off the season finale, it seemed appropriate to lead with Beauty and the Geek to talk about the update to the new UI. Not because Josh is a museum critic or that Brittany likes the part of books that have pictures, but because those awkward exchanges and blank stares look so familiar to me.

It's that moment when a developer and a designer realize there was a reason they went to school on opposite ends of campus. "How could that dork be so smart but still need Garanimals to get dressed?" "How'd that designer get a job at Microsoft when they couldn't bubble sort their way out of a paper bag?" And with that you're probably already asking yourself, "Does Microsoft really have designers?"

We do. I started here as a designer many moons ago and now lead a team of user experience designers and researchers that are infinitely more talented than I could ever dream of being. We're the interaction design experts that Steven mention in his blog back in December."   continued ...   (Via Jensen Harris's blog)


Going Dark in Office 2007


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