Monday, March 27, 2006

Blogs, text-based UIs and readability

Moving toward single column layout for readibility ...

"Fred Wilson over at A VC wrote some thoughts about how online content publishing is converging into a unified display based on single-column layouts because it is simply more efficient (he compares it to the simple search field at Google). He goes on to say people who’ve been designing magazines and newspapers must feel this is ugly and boring.

For someone with a background that only loosely touches formal design, I don’t consider text-only displaying of articles boring or ugly. I do, however, have great concerns about how only a few developers (of RSS readers) seem to care about text readability in their (online and/or offline) applications. If we are, in fact, consuming more and more online published content, we need our tools to raise the bar in helping us doing so effectively.

Print design has a science behind it, and so does online typography. When a page doesn’t call for reading, it means it wasn’t though about properly - and this is the case with pretty much all online news-readers (some particularly excel at sucking - pun intended)."   continued ...   (Via WeBreakStuf)


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