Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Building Your Own Start-up Technology Company, Part 1

An article about web experience...

"For technology professionals, one of the results of the Web 2.0 explosion is a realization of the potential for ambitious, talented, and experienced people to start their own companies and create their own Web products without spending very much money. Suddenly, the vision of being a garage entrepreneur once again seems like a possibility, particularly for those who are involved in user interface (UI) design and development. These opportunities used to be largely limited to the back-end engineers who could actually build the functionality, but now the UI challenges and opportunities demand the leadership involvement of front-end professionals as well. For many of us, this is an exciting development.

At the same time, a very common path that entrepreneurial Web design professionals have taken is to open their own Web services firm. Rather than building products, these companies provide clients with various services related to Web design and development. Even though the creating a new Web products company is the current flavor of the month, many of us are also still thinking about starting a new Web services company instead."   continued ...   (Via Digital Web Magazine)


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