Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eye tracking Web usability

Understanding the "F" Principle of webpage eytracking ...

"User interface guru Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group is on the road, giving seminars based on a recently completed an eye-tracking study that indicates how users consume Web pages–such as where people start browsing on a page, whether they have banner and text link blindness, where users look for navigation, how they react to different text types, relative attention allocated to text vs. pictures and more.

I caught up with Nielsen via phone in New York to talk about the eyetracking research. "The real highlight [of the study] is that peoples' eyes flitter fast across pages. Very little time is allocated to each page element, so you have to be brief and concise in communicating online," Nielsen said. "They don't look in on, across the lines of a page, and often fixate on something, such as the first few words of a headline, for only a tenth of second. The right-hand side is often never in view of the eyes. People look down the pages in an 'F' pattern ..."   continued ...   (Via ZDNet.com)

The Eytracking

The Eytracking "F" Pattern


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