Monday, March 20, 2006

Growing a Business Website: Fix the Basics First

Jakob Nielsen on web usability...

"Here are the biggest issues that led to lost business value in some of our recent consulting projects:

* An e-commerce site lost millions of dollars because overly aggressive homepage promotions made users distrust the price of any product that was not on sale. This is a classic example of the importance of trust-enhancing design in e-commerce.
* Rather than offering a unified intranet portal, one big company's intranet had inconsistent design and used different systems to manage different areas. As employees moved around the intranet, the navigation options and structural appearance changed. Parts of the intranet looked outdated compared to newer sections, which made users doubt the accuracy of the older pages' information. Again, this is a credibility problem -- trust is not just an e-commerce issue."   continued ...   (Via Alertbox)


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