Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Product Teams Benefit from Usability

Benefits of leveraging usability...


Product teams can leverage usability in three simple ways. First, usability can disambiguate requirements. Second, it can push a product closer to perfection with a small investment. Finally, usability helps product teams inform the organization about potential and expected support issues.

Requirements Clarity

Product teams must interpret customer demands. In most cases, the requirements are poorly defined or ambiguous. If things are crystal clear for all the members of your team, consider yourself extremely lucky. For those folks only seeing thick mud, usability provides clarity. By interacting with customers your product team can find out what users are expecting and demanding.

This work can't be haphazard. It must be done using tried and true usability methods which have been explained many other places. The key is that product teams need to gather data on how users think and act.

By having this material on hand, your product team will have a common understanding of customer needs and demands. No more guesswork. The ambiguity dissolves. To an outsider, particularly an executive, this might seem like magic. Your entire team can rally behind the exact same data derived from real users. How beautiful."   continued ...   (Via Apogee)


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