Friday, March 17, 2006

Linking Up Research Papers Using Tags

An article about using tags...

"Back in my first post to this blog, I said that over here at Nature we’re interested in the question of "…how far tagging can take us in tackling the (formidable) information organisation needs of modern science." Today we’re starting on a cool (I think) new experiment that might help provide some early answers.

Many of you are no doubt familiar with Matt Biddulph’s wonderful mock-up of the BBC Radio 3 website as it might work with embedded functionality. (See in particular Matt’s Flash movie here.) Inspired by this, we’ve just released some code that adds the same type of functionality (but this time for real) to ‘institutional repositories’ (IRs) — websites that scientists and other academics use to share their work with each other."   continued ...   (Via You're It)


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