Friday, March 24, 2006

March Madness

How the UI for the Vista File Menu evolved ...

"For many of the UI changes we've previewed this month, March really has come in like a lion. And as you watch your favorite team get eliminated in the NCAA tournament from the comforts of your desk, you may also be lamenting the loss of the File menu. We've previewed some big changes in the Ribbon this month that Jensen has covered in considerable depth. But we haven't touched much on what just may be the Cinderella story--the new File menu. I thought I'd spend a few pixels talking about how that change came about.

There's no denying the similarities between our new Office button and the new Windows' Start button in Vista. This is intentional for a number of reasons. First there's the visual continuity between two major releases from Microsoft. While Office doesn't require Vista, we're trying to align as much of our products as realistically and practically possible. Then there's the alignment of Office system related functionality with Window's system functionality. If the Windows Start menu is the place you go to start something in Windows, the File menu is the place you go to start something in Office. Including, starting the process of finishing. That's so weird, isn't it? Start-Exit. Start-Shut Down. It's a little like the ol' Mac drag n' drop interface for ejecting your floppy from the drive. Sure, that's obvious... just drag your floppy to the trash can. Gulp. Talk about a leap of faith!"   continued ...   (Via Jensen Harris)

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