Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Weaving Design into Motorola's Fabric

An interview with Jim Wicks, Motorola's strategy for Consumer Experience Design (CXD) ...

"Brandon Schauer: When you arrived at Motorola, you heard a customer in a focus group remark that Motorola phones were, "like some Cadillac that nobody wants." Can you take us through some of the changes that have taken place between your arrival and Motorola evolving into what Yankee Group calls "a hip, slick, dynamic, rapidly moving consumer electronics company"?

Jim Wicks: I joined Motorola in 2001 to start up a small user interface and interaction design group. During my first year, I went on the road for several months, meeting with all of our global customers. While in the Philippines I was listening to a discussion group talking about Motorola products and the user interface and the design. One of the questions to the focus group was, "What kind of things do you think of when you see these Motorola phones?" The response was, "They look and feel like just an old Cadillac." Meanwhile, the competitor phones seemed like BMWs or Audis."   continued ...   (Via Institute of Design)


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