Monday, March 20, 2006

Web 2.0 is like Group Therapy

Web 2.0...

"When did Web 2.0 become synonomous with Sharing? And I mean "Sharing" with a capital "S". Sharing knowledge, lessons learned, product reviews, tips and tricks, links/bookmarks, and even photos makes sense to me. The ability to harness collective intelligence (the whole wisdom of crowds thing) is something we all benefit from. But that's "sharing" with a small "s".

I believe the "small s" version is what Tim O'Reilly is referring to in his Web 2.0 Compact Definition . He doesn't even use the word "sharing". He uses "architecture of participation." And participation is not the same as Sharing. But the definitions of Web 2.0 have morphed and made Sharing=Goodness a central theme. And sometimes, Sharing means Too Much Information."   continued ...   (Via Creating Passionate Users)


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