Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Are Users Ignoring Paid Search Listings?

They still look at those ads ...

"How much time do you spend thinking about your Fovea? Chances areā€¦ not so much. The central part of your retina in which images are projected when we look at something might just tell a story about how we view websites and search results.

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) brought foveal action into the spotlight last week with its latest round of usability and eye tracking studies that sought to answer a very important question about user behavior. Are users becoming blind to search listings-- particularly the sponsored listings that marketers pay for and which get displayed in different ways on different search engines?

From the people who brought us the concept of banner blindness, a study in user behavior as part of their Usability Week 2006 NN/ g brought us the Eye Tracking Web Usability day: this was the first instance of a non-search entity sponsored or delivered research, as well as a literal look into the eye of the searcher."   continued ...   (Via iMedia Connection)


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