Thursday, April 27, 2006

Contactless payment proves popular with users

Usability study on contactless payments...

"Philips and Visa International have released the results of a new usability study of near field communication (NFC) and contactless payment technology, which showed that consumers like the convenience, ease of use and 'coolness' of making transactions with their mobile phones. NFC facilitates secure, short-range communication between electronic devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, computers and payments terminals via a fast and easy wireless connection. Combined with contactless payment technology, NFC can enable secure and convenient purchases with a mobile device.

Using an NFC-enabled mobile phone, participants in the usability study conducted transactions in several different scenarios - making a purchase at a coffee shop, downloading a movie trailer in a DVD store, shopping from a TV at home, and buying concert tickets from a smart poster.

Participants in the usability study accepted and appreciated the concept of incorporating information transfer and secure payment functionality into mobile phones.

Retail purchases with a mobile phone were particularly well received, as participants found Philips NFC technology and Visa contactless payments easy to understand, convenient and fast.

Users enjoyed downloading content from NFC 'smart' posters and responded favourably to the idea of purchasing tickets through posters.

They described the technology as 'cool' and 'awesome' and liked the idea of then being able to use the phone to gain entry into an event."   continued ...   (Via Electronicstalk)


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