Sunday, April 30, 2006

Designs that refute the user illusion

Challenging the user experience assumptions ...

"When users engage, the conscious is only the starting point
For some time, I have felt strongly challenged, as a designer of online information, by the fact that the user's objective is only the starting point when the user seeks information.

Something other than that conscious objective seems to drive browse and engagement decisions.

Where do these other drivers come from? In the past, I've 'located' them in the user's agenda and the user's context but neither agenda or context explain the real issue—what is the relationship between the conscious and unconscious parts of the self, and which part is the most influential?

'The User Illusion' will reshape the way we think about online design.

For the past several months, my conscious self has been struggling through Tor Nørretranders's very demanding book, The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size.

Nørretranders has devoted his book to exploring the relationship between our conscious and unconscious selves, between the conscious I and the unconscious Me."   continued ...   (Via Susan Harkus)


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