Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ethics: good and bad design

Moral UI ...

"What are the ethical considerations for interaction design? Slightly off topic, but an incredibly interesting topic. (I rarely get annoyed by the Great Firewall of China, but blogspot.com being blocked is often frustrating)

“Morality and User Interface Design are two topics that do not seem too closely related at first glance. After all, interface design is about “nice” and usable interfaces, but we as Usability Engineers and User Interface Designers don’t have to make decisions that have any severe impact on the morality side, right? – Well, how you design a user interface for a mobile phone may not be something Immanuel Kant would have bothered himself with, were he alive today. But what about such things as, e.g., user interfaces for weapon control?"   continued ...   (Via Small Surfaces and Anothr Useful Blog)


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