Thursday, April 20, 2006

Experience Engagement Ring Shopping

An analysis of the "ring buying" customer experience...

"Over the past month... at the instruction of my fiancee, I looked for rings in an attempt to find a setting I liked. We're in the unfortunate position of being in different states which made coordination a challenge. After a few visits to some jewelers, I promised myself I'd write about the experience! Talk about an industry that could use some improvement! Let's use this as a parallel:
Imagine that you are interested in buying a car. You head into a dealership and find that the showroom is filled with a lineup miniature models that are more economical to produce and save floor space. In the minature show room, you do get to see a 3D version of the car, but you can't sit in one because your butt won't fit in the seat. You can't drive it because some of the features aren't real. The salesman argues that the mini versions still give you the idea of what the car is like, but you don't know really how it fits you and you're left feeling dissatisfied.

While you're kicking the tires, you lift the hood of the car, but instead of an engine, there's either a gaping hole, a picture of an engine, or a cheap, plastic model of an engine in its place. You're asked to imagine the real thing - but you can't start it up and hear it purr yourself."   continued ...   (Via LivePath)

Ring buying experience can be improved - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Ring buying experience can be improved


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