Monday, April 03, 2006

First Testing of GPS Usability in a Moving Car Completed

Usability testing in a car ...

"From testing cockpit displays for Air Force jets, Rob Tannen was known for his ability to create laboratory environments in unique situations. Now, as Director of Human Factors at Electronic Ink in Philadelphia, he is confronted with testing software in many verticals, from Medical to Consumer.

When called upon to test the viability of a GPS Satellite Navigation system, Tannen knew that the most reliable information would come from an in-car field test. He wanted to get all the digital recording equipment needed for usability testing into the car, but it had never been done before.

"I used a software tool called MORAE... a video system that is typically used in our Usability Labs in Philadelphia for testing desktop software. But I had to test automobile drivers in London and Philadelphia, so I needed portability and compactness. Simultaneously capturing output of a handheld with live video of a driver had never been done before."   continued ...   (Via Telematics Journal)


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