Monday, April 03, 2006

Hyped Web Stories Are Irrelevant

Simplicity first when designing websites ...

"The fads and big deals that get the press coverage are not important for running a workhorse website. To serve your customers, it's far better to emphasize simplicity and quality than to chase buzzwords.
Because we're in the midst of Web Bubble 2.0, I decided to dust off some of my Bubble 1.0 columns and retool them for current conditions.

In 1997, I wrote an Alertbox called "The Fallacy of Atypical Web Examples." In it, I complained about the excessive attention focused on a few highly prominent Web projects that didn't represent the vast majority of websites. I also warned against emulating these big and famous examples.

The sidebar, "Stories from 1997 Revisted," looks at some of those well-hyped stories in light of recent developments. Indeed, as it turns out, most websites have had to follow very different paths than those trod by the much-discussed sites. Back then, designers would have been better served by focusing on their own unique circumstances, rather than listening to the Bubble 1.0 hype.

And now? History repeats itself. There is endless coverage of a few atypical stories in the trade press, mainstream media, and even on specialized Internet-focused websites. Once again, it's worth remembering: your site is different from the ones in big stories. Focus on fixing the basics to get a simple and communicative website. Simple steps don't get hyped, but they drive much more business value for the average site than the issues that everyone writes about."   continued ...   (Via Alertbox)


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