Friday, April 14, 2006

A Numbers Game

Order selection for numbers ...

"On Wednesday, I mentioned that as part of the keyboard work we've done for Beta 2, controls on the customizable Quick Access Toolbar are auto-assigned KeyTips.

For example, the first item in the QAT can be accessed by typing ALT+1, the second item can be accessed by typing ALT+2, etc.

Because you can add and remove buttons, galleries, groups, and all other Ribbon controls to the QAT, and because you control the order of the items within the toolbar, you can in effect customize the ALT+Number shortcuts to be anything you like, just by adding the control for the feature you want to access to the QAT.

One of the interesting things you might wonder about when you see Office 2007 in action is what happens after you've added nine controls to the Quick Access Toolbar, and all of the ALT+1-9 shortcuts are used up.

The answer is that we keep numbering, and the tenth feature gets the access key sequence ALT+09, the eleventh feature gets ALT+08, the twelfth gets ALT+07, and so on."   continued ...   (Via Jensen Harris)

ALT Key Order - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

ALT Key Order


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