Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pushing your skill set

On keeping yourself current...

"Are you doing anything to keep up your skills? Some of you don't have a choice--especially if you're doing client work where each new job "forces" you to learn something new. But for those of us who--like me--are mostly working on our own stuff, we can get... a little lazy. The techniques we've been using are like old friends. Doing it the way we've been doing it feels comfortable and less risky.

Why learn a new API when the one we know works just fine? Sure, it's a little less efficient, and wasn't really designed to do everything the way we use it... but at least there's no new learning curve. It's more efficient to bend the things we know, then start up a new learning curve from scratch. Who wants to go through that initial "I suck at this" phase again?

At SXSW, the guys from skinnyCorp said that when they were finally earning enough from Threadless to quit doing client work, they noticed their skills began standing still. They tended to do only what they were already good at. They decided that if a client wasn't going to push their skills, they'd have to push themselves."   continued ...   (Via Creating Passionate Users)

Hone your skills - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Hone your skills


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