Monday, April 03, 2006

Remote Usability Testing

Good uses for remote usability testing ...

"The diffusion of screen sharing software and remote control applications is slowly changing how usability evaluations are conducted because usability experts can now interact with users geographically distant and with different cultural backgrounds.

Moreover Internet and fast broadband connections strengthen the ability to deploy high quality videos and makes user observation more accurate for usability evaluators. With this premise we can define remote usability testing as a technique that exploits the user (home or office!), transforming it into a usability laboratory where user observation can be done with screen sharing applications.

Conducting a remote usability test is not so different from taking a classical usability evaluation, but there are some facts that have to be considered prior to beginning the session regarding:

* Participants recruiting
* Environment setup
* Test execution"   continued ...   (Via WebProNews)


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