Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Texting takes off for pilots

New research on how pilots communicate with air traffic controllers...

"The researchers have built a basic flight simulator
"Flight VS01 is holding its current path and flight level."

I am holding a joystick and controlling an aircraft on a simulator running on a computer. This message has come in, not over the radio, but as text on a screen to my left.

I am at the University of Nottingham with John Wilson, Professor of Human Factors at the Institute for Occupational Ergonomics.

"Traditionally, we know that pilots communicate with the ground and air traffic controllers communicate with planes through voice, through radio communications," said Professor Wilson.

"We're asking how much we can use written information which comes up on computer screens. How much can we use that together with voice in the future?"

The Nottingham researchers have created a basic flight simulator in which users receive information and commands either as voice or text.

Synthetic voices

I am trying it out. To recreate the challenge of controlling an aircraft, I use the joystick to track a randomly moving target on screen.

At the same time, I must interpret messages coming in either through my headset as radio commands or as text on the computer screen."   continued ...   (Via BBC)

Research and studies on new communications methods like text messaging - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Research and studies on new communications methods like text messaging


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