Friday, April 28, 2006

Two Days. Two Trucks. Two Very Different Customer Experiences.

Two ways to take care of your customers- the right way and the wrong way...

"I had dinner with my mom last night. She is now convinced that she is a truck jinx. That is to say, she believes that if she is around a truck, something will go wrong. She doesn't really believe this of course. But she did regale us with a couple of interesting stories that might make one consider the possibility.

On Wednesday, my mom was to have a mattress and box springs delivered. The company provides a phone number you can call and the truck driver is supposed to give you an estimate of when they will be making the delivery. So my mom called early Wednesday morning. The driver indicated that it would be between 12pm and 2pm, but probably closer to 12pm. As 2pm came and went, my mom called again. Well, they were running a little behind and it looked like it would be more like 4pm before they could make the delivery. I bet you can see where this is going. So, 4pm came and went. No truck. My calls. Truck driver says they are downtown and have run out of gas. I didn't know this, but apparently when a diesel truck runs dry, you can't just pour some gas into it and off you go. So the company had to send another truck, offload the cargo from the first truck into it and then complete the deliveries.

To get to the point, at ten past 7pm, my mom got her delivery. She waited home all day, called them at least 4 times, and she indicated that the delivery guys were brisk almost to the point of being rude (probably because they had even more deliveries yet to make). This whole process cost my mother $45 to boot (delivery charge for the mattress and box springs).

Contrast that to yesterday. Mom had hired a local moving company to help clear out my grandmother's apartment (she passed away recently) and put her things in storage. The moving company had originally told her they could be there in the afternoon, but called later that day to say that they had a cancellation and asked if my mom would prefer a morning time. She did. The company showed up precisely on time and worked efficiently to empty the apartment. In the meantime, my mother went to the self-storage facility to get things ready there...assuming the truck would be along as soon as it was loaded."   continued ...   (Via ICE)

Two ways to handle your customers- User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Two ways to handle your customers


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