Friday, April 28, 2006

Will Instant Messaging Replace Email As Your Communication And Messaging Platform?

A look at email and IM...

"Could instant messaging become a strong contender to traditional email for text-based communications in the near future?

Inside any instant messenger, just like inside my favorite e-mail application, I have a list of contacts to which I can send messages to, so why can't IM seriously consider to replace my Outlook inbox?

" surveyed 1,000 readers and a staggering 52 per cent of those said they believe IM is faster and more efficient than email - but only 3.4 per cent thought it would eventually replace email altogether."
This was in October 2003.

But are things still the same today?

Before I attempt to answer that question, let me share with you which were the motives back then for not considering IM more seriously:
"...the reasons why 76 per cent of respondents say they believe IM complements but will never replace email are manifold.

Most notable is the fact that 27 per cent of respondents believe IM is impractical for conducting business - often because of perceived security issues and a lack of accountability and recordable audit trails in consumer IM packages.

Another reason IM may never replace email is because 22.4 per cent of respondents see it as a "time wasting menace in the office". That's not to say email isn't, but with one such distraction in the office some employers feel they are already losing too much of their staff's time without allowing access to IM as well."   continued ...   (Via Robin Good)

Email vs. IM - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Email vs. IM


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