Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AutoComplete, Windowing, Menu and More: A Second Beta Release for the YUI Library

Updates on the Yahoo interface library...

"I’m very happy to announce today a whole bunch of new stuff in both the Yahoo! Design Patterns Library and the Yahoo! User Interface Library. On the design side, there are more than a dozen new patterns (as well as oft-requested examples for some existing patterns like Tabs and AutoComplete). On the development side, we’ve updated all the existing components and broadened the platform’s reach with several important UI controls. With this release, we’re offering CSS packages for the first time. And, as part of the evolution of our open-source processes, we’ve migrated YUI Library distribution to SourceForge.


Let me call your attention to several things on the development side: We’re proud to offer three new JavaScript packages. The first is a suite of DHTML windowing controls, each of which implements a distinct contextual-window interaction with just a few lines of JavaScript. These components — we call them the Container family of controls — build upon a standard unit for modular content (the Module control) and a common foundation in which a module floats over its page context (the Overlay control). Four Container-family UI controls build upon the Module/Overlay system: Tooltip, Panel, Dialog, and SimpleDialog.
A fifth control, Menu, shares the same Module/Overlay foundation and allows you to create mouse-and-keyboard-accessible, application-style fly-out menus in just a few lines of code. Extending Progressive Enhancement into the world of UI controls, Menu can be dynamically generated or layered on top of simple, semantic unordered lists.

Our third new YUI Library component for this release is the highly-anticipated AutoComplete control which allows you to streamline a variety of user interactions involving text-entry. It’s robust, configurable, and easy to implement; I hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait."   continued ...   (Via Yahoo! YUIblog)


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