Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bloat is a function of time, people, and money

Keeping software trim and efficient ...

"Why does most software get bloated? Time, people and money.

TIME. Time is an especially effective bloat catalyst. Just as evolution generally produces more complex organisms over time, the same thing happens to software. More features, more features, more features. Sometimes more features are the right features. And that’s good. But often software doesn’t stop at a little more and it ends up with a lot more. And that’s where time isn’t on your side.

PEOPLE. The more people a company has working on a product the more opportunity there is for bloat to take hold. People need to stay busy. Even when there’s nothing to do there’s something to do. And that something often ends up being extra stuff that isn’t really needed. Extra features, new science projects, more complexity. More people + more time can be a dangerous combination in the wrong hands. This is one of the advantages of having less people on your team: you simply can’t do more than you should. There’s a physical limit, a constraint, that helps you stay simple. Forcing simple is better than forcing complexity. One is better bedrock."   continued ...   (Via Signal vs. Noise )


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