Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Buy some domain names. Populate them with Google ads. Become the next I don't think so.

Ads are supported by content, not the other way around...

"I'm traveling for business again this week. I got a little something extra with the rental car this time. They included a copy of the Wall Street Journal on the dashboard. It seemed a little odd. Did they intend me to read it while driving? I'm not sure the other motorists appreciated me doing so as I sped down the 405. But hey, I'm driving a white Crown Vic which we all know looks just like an unmarked police cruiser so they probably thought I was a rogue cop with a heart of gold on an important undercover mission that I'll only be able to solve after my surly captain suspends me for crossing over the line. Or something like that. Or maybe I could just park the damn thing and point a hair dryer at passing motorists. That's fun too.

OK, so I didn't actually read while driving, but read I did. And much to my shock, I came across this article that actually seems to legitimize the practice of setting up web sites for the sole purpose of displaying Google ads.

Say what? What the hell?!

I can't necessarily lay the blame on Julia Angwin, the article's author. Heck, in some ways she is just reporting the facts. And the facts say that the former chairman on, Richard Rosenblatt has raised $120 million dollars create a new company devoted to building these types of junk web sites. The article claims that they have already acquired 150,000 domain names!"   continued ...   (Via ICE)


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