Saturday, May 20, 2006

Consumers Excited by Mobile TV but Remain Unconvinced on Usability

Technology getting ahead of usability ...

"New research shows that whilst consumers are excited by the latest mobile TV offerings, they remain unconvinced of its usability. This is one of the findings of a report by WaveMetrix, who specialise in monitoring online discussion to gauge and interpret consumer opinion.

Whilst many consumers liked the idea and convenience of mobile TV they were worried about problems with speed, picture and sound quality and battery life which was dissuading them from adopting the service. Handset manufacturers, carriers and TV producers will need to re-assure consumers before they release products if they want the wider market to buy into the idea of mobile TV services.

"Mobile TV has the potential to drive significant revenue growth for operators and media companies alike, but to succeed they must deliver seamless service and a broad range of content" commented WaveMetrix CEO, Anders Schonberg. "Ultimately it is the very simplicity of being able to watch TV on your mobile that attracts customers. If the service is jerky or content limited, customer expectations will be disappointed, as it has too often been in the past for mobile content services."   continued ...   (Via Cellular News)


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