Thursday, May 11, 2006

Design Pattern: Invitation

Learning new paradigms for using Ajax applications ...

"With the widespread acceptance of Ajax (and the resurgence of Flash) new ways of interacting on the web have emerged. In many ways, these interactions are not new. Interactions like drag and drop and inline editing have been mainstream on desktop applications for over 20 years. What is new, though, is the emergence of these idioms on the web.

This leads to two challenges.

First, users must learn the idiom. For example, inline editing on the web allows the user to actually change content on the page that looks like normal content. For years we have conditioned our users to expect a read-only web page. The ability to change content on-the-fly is unexpected. The classic example of this is editing photo titles in flickr.

Instead of having to moving to a new page to edit the photo title, the user can just click to edit and save their changes inline and in context to the page.

Second, let's say that a user learns this technique (idiom). How do they actually know that they can edit the photo title? How do they discover the idiom?

Repeated user research has confirmed the obvious fact that these deeper, richer interactions are less discoverable.

One solution to the problems of learning and discovering idioms is a set of patterns we are introducing in this release of the Design Pattern Library — Invitations."   continued ...   (Via Yahoo! User Interface Blog)

Ajax Creating New Idioms - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Ajax Creating New Idioms


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