Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How To Build A Better Product- Study People

On ethnography...

"Did you ever imagine the world's largest chipmaker may ride the train into work with you to find out how mobility could be improved?

Product development has historically been predicated on a "build it and they will come" basis. But times are changing, consumer choice is increasing and the game plan has evolved.

Ethnography, a branch of anthropology, uses a variety of research methods to study people in a bid to understand human culture. Since top companies across several industries are treating ethnography as a means of designing for and connecting with potential customers, technology companies have recently begun investing significantly more research time and money into the field. At chip giant Intel, for example, the company spent approximately $5 billion on ethnographic research and development during 2004.

As the respective leaders in the hardware and operating systems markets, both Intel and fellow tech giant Microsoft have begun using teams of researchers to identify new market opportunities and improve existing products."   continued ...   (Via PC Magazine)


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